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Extremely tiny thong with just enough material to conceal the pussy. The open variety does not hide pussy, but may have a jewel, pearl or feather hanging seductively over the clit region. Hundreds of different styles by Lola Luna and other manufacturers are available. One daring version consists of a string of pearls which lies between the pussy's inner lips. Its only possible purpose is to stimulate the clitoris when walking or dancing.
In striking gold and green, this open embroidered microthong has a diamante drop front with green sequins and an edging of gold French lace.
by O'Flagherty April 28, 2007
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A tiny patch of material which barely conceals pussy worn provocatively tied low around the hips.
The audience was restless, hungry, panting. Backstage, Yulia squatted in front of the mirror and made a final adjustment to her tiny microthong. The slightest misalignment would be disastrous.
by O'Flagherty December 14, 2007
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