Small acts considered disloyal within a relationship, nothing too serious but not innocent either.

An example would be holding a door open for lady, or extending the ass of a sim or kissing your hand.
Girlfriend: Babe, are you cheating on me!?!?
Me: Only microscopically, its called micro-cheating.
Girlfriend: So you've been having sex with other girls!?!?!?
by Foxzes January 19, 2018
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When someone cheats on a partner, but just a little bit. Like copping a feel or kissing.
"It was just a kiss"
"That's micro-cheating!"
by Zoe Winters April 10, 2008
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Micro-cheating. Small things in a relationship that makes your S.O mad but not enough to breakup with you. Talking to other girls/boys, hugging others, etc. Just be careful, if you keep micro cheating it’ll all add up and be gone...
Hey, dude. Careful talking too other girls and sending them selfies. All that micro cheating will catch up to you.
by bigtittythick69420 November 15, 2018
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