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Performing an ostentatious but meaningless act in an attempt to appear more important or competent than one is. Also mickeymouse. May be used as a verb, noun or adjective.
1. There is an election coming up, so the usual band of mediocre politicians are sure to mickeymouse at the airport when our Olympic medallists are welcomed home.

2. He changed all the street names and repainted the bus shelters, but that was just mickeymousing to distract people from his incompetence as mayor.

3. Our mickeymousing CEO is at it again, loudly blaming everyone but himself for the disastrous decline of the company since he took over.
by mynah1 January 28, 2010
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A semi-sexual act, more often than not considered silly. Mickey Mousing is the act of a large breasted woman setting her breasts on top of the head of another person. Essentially, the breasts settle on either side of the partner's head, looking like Mickey Mouse ears.

Alternatively, it can be called Mickey Moused, in the past tense.
1 - Dude, she's got her tits out and she put them on this chick's head!
2 - You mean she Mickey Mousing her!?
by Morivanism May 05, 2010
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Bay area slang
See Also: Mickey Mouse Hoes

1. When you pick up on a girl and you try to fuck or you ask her to do somthing either sexually or somthing such as hold my weed while i drive im on probation and they dont want to because they are scared thats called Mickey Mousing just basically being a square ass bitch not being cool and down, people who are like this are refferd to as Mickey Mouse Hoes

2.when somone is being a quote fag
or a square

being really pg and shit

not really down
being a little scaredy ass pussy

3. also when a girl talks about how shes a freak and she'll fuck the shit outta you and rock your world but shes just frontin thats refferd to as mickey mousin
frontin means she says shes about it but she really isnt.. she talks the talk but doesnt walk the walk
1. Breh i picked up this one girl right, she was lookin fine as fuck, and i took her out and shit right, took her back to my place and the bitch was mickey mousin, wouldnt even let me take her pants off nd shit, she really wasnt down to fuck just down to have me spend all my money on her broke ass

2. Guy #1 aye lets go hit a store and steal a couple things
Guy #2 nah i cant get caught up
Guy #1 niggah you hella mickey mousing
stop being a fuckn skware breh
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