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(to be (a) Mick Downs)
1. To be very foolish, make ill-informed decisions and generally will make a laughing stock of themselves.
2. To lack confidence, social awkwardness leading to ludicrous claims.
3. To have a forgetful nature, often losing concentration during the simplest of tasks.
1. Bershawn: Hey, you see that guy over there? He's just after dropping the ice cream cone he just bought..

Keaton: Haha, what an absolute Mick Downs!!

2. Keaton: Shane, Shane.. Pass the ball Shane!

Shawn: My name's Shawn you Mick Downs.

3. Bershawn: Oh my god, i just accidentally locked my phone by getting the password wrong too many times..

Keaton: Are you Mick Downs?
by BillyBrennan October 10, 2013
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