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Beautifully created. Best of both worlds.

He is the bad ass, mean, protective, a tad possessive
Yet really he is so nice and genuinely cares. His heart is big as big as u could imagine
But it's been walked over and thrown down and stomped on and picked back up just to be fooled and tricked by people he once trusted. So, once he finds the one who he wants to love forever. The person who brings his heart sunshine on the most grey and rainy days, he will do anything to mend the heart he wants to use so badly but has a little trouble knowing how to use it...Because it may have never been quite used in the correct way or to its full potential. He loves hard and deep. (Just like he likes to give it) his jerk side sometimes tries to take over him but these rays of sunshine burn it away eventually. Kayla loves him more than he could ever see in her emotional expression. He is the ying to her yang. But they both need to take a cooking class together . And a how- to -be

NOT stubborn class would be perfect for them as well. A imperfectly perfect family is being made as we read this definition. It's God's plan for Michael Bostick.
Kayla would be so proud to become Ms. Kayla Michael Bostick.
by Mskittyk@t88 February 01, 2017
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