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v. 1. to play girls equivalent to playing a stringed instrument
2. to torture woman by teasing with unfond memories
3. showing no mercy towards girls with vulnerable hearts.

abj. 1.someone that one sees on halloween

3. having no friends; desperate;shallow
2. being hated by a craig.

n. 1. a player most likely found at a st. thomas game. only comes out on halloweeen.
2. computer geek.
3. a man that can make you laugh at any given moment.

a sillly guy that makes me feel better when i am sad. sings and dances like a beast, can steal any girl's heart but never fails to break them :(
4. one that never wears a shirt while videochatting; someone who tries to seduce innocent girls but fails terribly.
Craig: Carlee, dont talk to a michael feldman.
carlee: why? he's cool :)
craig: because he'll play you like a violin
carlee : who caress !? he has stewiee on his wall!

carlee: hey michael feldman, were still craigin after schoool right?!
michael feldman: helll to the yeah.
by michaelsobsession November 23, 2009
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