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Miangelina is a crazy girl. She is very special... and when she loves someone she give them all of her love. But Miangelina has self-esteem issues. She doesn’t believe in her self. And Miangelina sometimes put on a fake smile even if she is sad. Miangelina nickname is Mia. Miangelina is very funny and kind. And beautiful. And Miangelina doesn’t notice it. She thinks that she is not good enough for people. She is afraid that people won’t like her or will push her away. She sometimes feels lonely and very sad. And feels like no one is there. Like they don’t understand. Anyway, Miangelina is a great friend. And she gets mad really fast. And she will hurt you if you hury her or her family or friends. Miangelina is like a best friend. And if you saw that you don’t wanna be friends anymore. Big mistake. She will become so sad and blame everything on her. So just be with and support Miangelina. She needs you.

Miangelina is my crazy bestfriend. But i still love her.
by MiaR205 May 14, 2018
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