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a Latino variant of the word mitten, only without the enunciation of the "t" sound. The word carries the same meaning, specifically referring to a glove where the primary fingers are contained in one side of the parsel and thumb is kept separate. The refusal to enunciate the double "T" sound is most often utilized by Latino women.
Maria: (looking down at Teresa's hands) Oh my God! Where are your mi'ens?

Teresa: Eeeee, I couldn't find them.
by Kate Sjostrand February 20, 2008
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Mien or "Mienh/Yao" are nomadic people orignally originated from China. Also, related to the Chinese in bloodline. Some say descendants of the China, but facts showed that they exceeds all asian category. Eg. Mien penis/genitals is in fact 10x the size of a Korean.
Mien pwns all. For every 1 mien person, there are 200 hmong family.
by Ochan January 21, 2007
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A minority from Asia, originating from China. Totally not parallel with the Hmong. They look much better, their language sounds better, they have more class, and dress better! Compared to the Chinese, our eyes are not as slanted. Compared to the Japanese, our faces are not as flat. Compared to the Vietnamese, we do not walk around with our hugh teeth protruding from our mouths (and our men are not hella fruity). I also agree with the previous post and must say that it is true that Mien guys have bigger penises current boyfriend is the first Mien guy I've ever dated and I am very impressed and satisfied! We are generally good-looking, except for Saechaos because they tend to be dark and over-weight. Sorry I love all Mien people, but I gotta keep it real!
Mien ladies are beautiful!
by SAE- September 09, 2008
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Mien people are the most respected asians in the whole world. They have the best and most interesting lives throughout history. They own the biggest penises in asian history.
Mien - Hey dude!
Other Asian - Wassup?
Mien - my Penis is 10 inches.!!!
Other Asian - Mine is 1/4 of that =.=

(SO sad for him)
This proves that miens have bigger penises.
by Kenjis December 26, 2007
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short for mienderthal. basically an unevolutionised, nomadic, primordial, indo-china ethnicity.

as far as social strata goes, they are parallel w/ hmong. see word: hmong.
look at the mien guy all 4'11" of him acting hard. drivin that "see ahhh exxx". sayin "doo" too much.
by ben_wallace March 16, 2005
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Mi'ens is a band from Vancouver, Canada. Pronounced Mih Enz, like Mittens without the 'Ts'.
mi-ens on bandcamp dot com
I listened to some awesome postrock today: Mi'ens!
by MsK September 27, 2013
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group of people from thailand of decent from asia. seng is an example of mien, he is sexy and very sweet.
seng <3 nancy she is the hottest ever, seng <3 nancy she is the bestest girl.
by seng <3 nancy January 01, 2005
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