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Refers to a humorous voice-mail that you leave for a tolerant-natured friend who knows you very well, and thus is familiar with your complaining about feeling exhausted a lot of the time; you simply make long drawn-out snoring sounds when prompted to record your message. It painlessly informs the person that you are not really up to a whole lot of physical effort at the moment, but that he is welcome to try you back later to ask again about your possibly assisting him.
Answering machine message left by a physically-infirm friend who had previously left you a message requesting help with a few household tasks: Hey Snorey --- I got your mezzzzage; sorry I missed yer call. I see that you're not home at the moment, either; guess we're kinda playin' telephone-tag here. Nuthin' earth-shakin' --- just wanted to humbly ask if you could please lend me a hand with a little dusting and yardwork, and see if maybe you could use some of your scrap lumber to build me a small set of steps for my storage-shed out back. No rush whatsoever, though --- get some shut-eye and then give me a jingle back when ya feel up to it --- thanks!!
by QuacksO July 23, 2018
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