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A school in the metropolis slums of Louisville, Kentucky (aka the ghetto). A school made of the cliched: preps, jocks, nerds, posers (and lots of them), punks, goths, outcasts, jerks, and other cliques. Except, the most popular preps are the nicest; the most popular jocks are the nerdiest; the most popular punks are unknown throughout the school; the most popular posers are popular for being cool (because nobody knows they are posers). To get into this school, you have to be pretty smart, unless you live by the school. If you do, you automatically get in.
(1) She goes to Meyzeek Middle School, grazing land for strongly-seperated cliques.
(2) The smartest school ever is...not Meyzeek.
by meyzeeker April 05, 2005
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