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She is a badass maid in a manga called Black Butler. When she's wearing her glasses, she's clumsy and easily blushes, and is kind of blind. But when them bitches come off, Hell is knocking on the door, and she is about to shoot it down!
Assassin: looks through gun scope for 'target'.
Mey-Rin: shoots the mofo down from a very far distance with a hand gun.
by ImeTheBrave March 30, 2015
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A Meyrin is a girl who is funny There are a few Meyrin’s in the world A Meyrin can be emotional girl sometimes Meyrin is very playful Meyrin is a beautiful smart girl that will blow you off Fighting we her will make you regret being bron Messing with her is your worst decision Don’t mess with her her family or she will fight Meyrin is a unique person If you have a Meyrin in your life never let her go ❤️
Omg it’s a Meyrin come on let’s be her friend
by HotChetto May 10, 2018
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