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When a swarm of mexicans show up at a sale,and are so obnoxious that nonmexicans leave.Their habits enclude grabing everything worth buying even the thing you are reaching for. Making insulting remarks about nonmexicans in spanish as if no one else can speak it. Putting all they have grabed in a big pile and telling the seller what they will pay for it, while the seller sees his nonmexican customers walking out.Having a we're large and in charge, and if you don't like it tuff shit attitude. This is not the same a group of mexicans who are looking for bargans and play by the rules if someone spots a buy before you do that's the way it goes, if some mexican grabs it from your hand, and makes a smart remark to his friends in spanish thats a mexiswarm.
Don't stop there's a mexiswarm at that garage sale. Why didn't you tell that mexiswarmer you aren't giving your stuff away and no deal? Are you nuts he could have shot me, and been on his way back to mexico before that cops got here. Judys sale got mexiswarmed, she isn't as sympathedic to illegals now.
by yorkie stomper April 19, 2009
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Like a swarm of locust,only with mexicans. A mexiswarm starts when about 20 mexicans pile out of their van, and mob what ever event you are attending. They take over the free stuff and think nothing of stepping in front of you to grab what ever you are reaching for. They jabber away in mexican and get pissed off that you don't speak beaner. They let their little mexitards do what they want which is usually stealing or distroying other peoples stuff. No one tries to run them off because you can never know when one will pull out a gun and start blasting. Most nonmexicans just leave.
A mexiswarm hit the picnic so we just left.
by escape to canda September 07, 2008
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