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mexipult is a mechanical device still in its early development by members of an auto club in california who despite their beer drinking and shenanigans happen to be political scholars. the mexipult is a simple solution for immigration reform. it involves loading a large catapult with illegal immigrants and then launching them into mexico, preferably from north san diego county, a considerable distance. this is meant to free up jobs and welfare as well as deter illegal entry into the country but also would provide public entertainment. some think that if taxpayers where given a chance to pay to operate the mexipult that it could also save californias struggling economy.
guy 1: man i wish there was a way to get rid of all these "undocumented immigrants"

guy 2: we could launch them the hell out of here with a giant mexipult.

guy 1: hells yes. where do i pay for that?
by boosty2v May 13, 2010
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