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A hairdo commonly worn in white suburbia, Short in the back longer in the front combed up and together. Made popular by soccer legend David B., golf enthusist Arnold P., and Steve "The Marine" C.
Did you see the new guys hair, ya it was a metrohawk.
by doverst March 27, 2007
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I passed my test! Thanks to the Clock Method
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Metrohawk (N): The messy yet risque hairstyle achieved when a metrosexual man decides to orient his hair in an upward direction towards the center of his head. The hair often stays in place due to the excessive amount of product that is used, and the end result is a neatly-formed ridge of hair running from the top front to top rear of the head.

The main difference between a metrohawk and a mohawk is that the wearer of a metrohawk has a full head of hair, as opposed to a mohawk where the hair is shaved off on the sides leaving only a skunk-like strip left running down the middle of the head. The full head of hair oriented upwards makes the entire head as a whole resemble the shape of a closed up rose, further completing the look of this modern day feminine man's style.

The metrohawk is most easily achieved by loading up one's hair with product, taking the hands and placing them over the ears, then while pushing inward as if squeezing the head, sliding the hands upward, off the top of the head and up through the hair.

See metrosexual.
Skip: "Wow Jonathan, that new hair style looks fabulous with your designer shirt."

Jonathan: "Well gee-wiz Skip, it was a snap with that extra product you let me borrow. I just put it in my hair and let inspiration do the rest."

Skip: "I love it. It looks super preppy but still kinda hardcore at the same time, like you are almost going for a mohawk or something."

Jonathan: "Oh don't be a silly sam Skip. I'd never give myself a REAL mohawk. This is a metrohawk!"
by Archie Moses September 13, 2004
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