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a place where lots of bad shit happens. also, home of the infamous vandershower. It is often unneccesarily guarded by a muhammed, who makes sure no intruders sneak in. however, why someone would want to enter metrogate is beyond me. dont be fooled by the comfy couches in the common room. a blacklight would reveal much more than meets the common eye. and that computer you are using in the computer lab, was most likely used by a pedophile or a strange old man with glasses openly watching gay porn.
Guy 1: Dude, don't tell me you got sent there???
Guy 2: Yea man, I have to spend three months in Metrogate.
Guy 1: Oh man, you better watch out for that vandershower!
by Vander-gate is Vander-shit August 04, 2009
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