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A bitch that hasn't been outside the perimeter of her city or town but swear she da shit
Man ya baby mama aint nothing but a metro bitch
by BDM_Boss November 14, 2014
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The metro station of whores. Go in a nice person, come out a filthy whore.

This is a girl who is nothing but lies. She invites people in seeming nice and you believe it for a short while. Behind that is a bitch who will talk about you behind your back in the worst ways. They manipulate and pressure you to do things you don't want to. Know as the kings cross station of whores, while she is not a whore herself but she turns any innocent person into one. Goes along with a Poodle Rat very nicely.

She has terrible parenting and does not listen. Most teachers think she is a nusense but will be kind to her because they want their paychecks. Parents are part of the school and/or sports teams but don't involve themselves to know what's really going on.

They hang out in convenience stores and with the only people who will waste their time on them.

They are terrible at all sports but somehow think they're amazing and that everyone is their friend but we know you hate them and are being used.

They only hangout with 1 friend group everyday and whoever gets sucked into beware for you will be hurt time and time again and become a complete whore. The FAKEST person you will ever meet.
"This girl invited me to hangout"

"no don't hang with her she's a metro-bitch. I don't want you to turn into the scum of the earth like that"
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by YoungMetroDontTrustYa September 16, 2016
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