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The body of a typical meth user will attempt to metabloize and rid their body of the injested, smoked, or injected chemicals. This metabolic process causes the partaker to give off a metalic, chemical smell that is expelled by the sweat and breath. This process is called methongalizing. When you are out and about, like in the grocery store at 2am, you may come across a methongalizing person.... and the like, a person who eats paint will give off a paintonglizing or paintongalistic smell, cigarette smokers a cigongalistic smell. Cigongalistic smells differ from pipongalistic or tobacongalistic smells. Brownongalizing people are in really bad shape and can be found lining up at the clinic.... but the most distinct and easily recognized chemical smells are the methonglistic ones.
Whispered to best girlfriend in line..."Aye, check out that dude in front of us....awe nevermind....smell that, he's methongalizing."

"True, kinda cute, but damn, what a lurper!"
by AKK808 November 28, 2016
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