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-verb (without object)
1. To walk on gravel
2. To vacate a premise in a timely manner by traveling across gravel.
i.e. While playing in the park, my 3'7 midget friend and I began to mether back to the car to make the 7:00 appointment with the Siamese twins transvestites.
by Doug Parkinson February 06, 2008
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Some one who uses meth, more of a name for someone who does it offten.
hey look at that mether over there, taking apart that xbox.
by Goofy7271 February 07, 2010
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Used in place of 'mother', 'mum' or 'mom', i.e.:

Up yer mether's gunty = In your mother's ladyparts

"Who did that?"
"Yer mether"
by Paulverine September 13, 2011
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