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N. Person whose relationship (of any kind) to meth directly results in mind-numbingly stupid or tard-like behavior; an otherwise seemingly capable person whose use of meth reduces them to near unimaginable levels of mental incapication and social dysfunction; someone whose desire to produce and deal meth takes them into uncharted territories of uncoordinated and potentially dangerous recklessness.
Power was out all over town when a meth tard driving his portable meth lab ran smack into a sub-station while trying to out run the police and light his pipe at the same time.
by Truman Starr August 26, 2005
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a person who after smoking just a few hits of meth becomes permanently retarded and feels that their job is to create babies in this world in order to secure relationships with other methtards.
What's wrong with Ashley,why did she lose all of her kids?She,'s with a Slowlo now,pushing a grocery cart in Hemet with all the other methtards.
by SmoothPinnacle April 21, 2019
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