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the shadows you see out of the corner of your eye when youve been up for a week high on crystal methamphetamine
by cheese taco September 06, 2003
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That f*cking thing thats been hiding outside behind the bush all night long. You can seen his shadow out of the corner of your eye, but when you peek out the blinds, he's not there...
meth or teenna
monster like aarrhhg!
by perry-noid1 January 01, 2004
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Momentary hallucination induced by many days of no sleep while using amphetamines. Commonly witnessed by automobile operators driving long-distance road trips at night.
While tweaking and driving the truck driver said, "Oh Shit! Did you see that? was only a meth monster."
by NW December 01, 2002
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The bald-spot infested, bloodshot eyed, emaciated meth addict twin brother of the famous Sesame Street character Cookie Monster. He is neighbors with Oscar the Grouch and smokes meth in the dumpster next to Oscar's trash can.
Meth Monster- Hey kids, my brother couldn't make it today because I, I KILLED HIM AND THREW HIM IN A DUMPSTER!! I mean he's sick from eating too many cookies. That's why I smoke meth instead. Now anyways time to count to 10

1 bag of meth.
2 bags of meth.
3 bags of meth.
4 bags of meth
5 bags of meth

Meth Monster: Oh shit this is starting to get tempting
6 bags of meth
7 bags of meth
*Starts sweating
8 bags of meth
9 bags of meth
Meth Monster: C'mon almost to 10
10 bags of meth

*pulls out a gun

Meth Monster: DON'T YOU TAKE A SINGLE STEP CAMERA GUY!!! This shit is mine all mine!! I'm gonna smoke it and get so fucking wired tonight!!!

* shoots the camera guy pulls out his pipe and puts the meth in the pipe

Meth Monster: yes!!!! hahahhahahaha!!!! and remember kids, meth is better for you than cookies.
by beerisgood94 January 05, 2010
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Similar to a wordmeth fiend/word - although more angry, violent and dangerous.

Twacked on meth.
"Arghh, meth monster!"
"Fuck, I only gave her a coupla points and she went all meth monster on me"
by voiceinsideyou June 06, 2003
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Person who has a violent reaction to methamphetamine.
"We sold him some meth, but that guy was a meth-monster, he fucked the place up good."
by MF September 05, 2002
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