A crystal methamphetamine addict. Usually their behavior is driven by paranoia and impaired perceptions of reality. They can be delusional and very dangerous.
I saw that meth fiend after Fireball. He was so sketchy, he thought his best friend was an undercover cop.
by CircuitDaddy February 5, 2004
A wordmeth/word addict, commonly known as being shrivelled up, hunched over, desperate losers who roam the streets either peddling stolen property to get more meth, scavenging meth from dealers, or violently attacking people in a vague, crazed attempt to get more meth. The true scum of the drug world.
"Fuck, what a meth fiend"
"I saw some meth fiend passed out on teh sidewalk before - what a loser"
"Meth fiends are pathetic"
"I got assaulted by some random meth fiend on the corner of 10th and 21st"
by voiceinsideyou June 6, 2003