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A degrading term for someone who remains at least partially loyal to the ideals of heavy metal - drinking, smoking, recreational drug use, destruction of property (minimal and symbolic rather than premeditated and routine),and attraction to women. Some of these are optional but the last one is mandatory. Our forefathers of metal laid down these simple rules, because they knew what was best for the next generation.
-John, you act like a typical metaloid
-Oh yeah? And you go to med school because your mom and dad had the bucks! I thought we made a pact to stay anti-social for as along as we're buds.
-Yeah, but it doesn't mean that if you're into metal (which I totally support) you can't have a decent job, a mortgage, a family, etc.
-I know that! I have a decent job too. But guess what Barry? You don't deserve any of this shit! You're a slave to the matrix! And I'm not, so maybe I should be on the receiving end of all that crap. Okay? Now piss off, I'm late for my chiro.
by FrankZappa February 15, 2008
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