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The type of breakdown the consists of random "machine gun" fire guitar bursts that are accompanied by a double bass drum and bass guitar for a deep and heavy effect. This type of breakdown is usually found in types of metalcore/hardcore music. The August Burns Red album "Messengers" relies on these breakdowns very heavily, hence the name "messenger breakdown". These breakdowns usually cause the crowd to either headbang in one fluid motion, or spawn huge mosh pits.
"The new August Burns Red album doesn't have that many messenger breakdowns in it"
"The breakdown at the end of Symphony in Peril's "Stilletto" is epic, but it's no messenger breakdown"
"All hardcore music should have at least one messenger breakdown to be considered moshpit ready"
August Burns Red's "Up Against the Ropes" 0:35-1:02 is just one example.
by Not Our Tomorrow August 12, 2009
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