A Christian metalcore band from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. August Burns Red isn't just another generic band in the dying metalcore genre. The music itself features technical time signatures, complex drumming, and impressive guitarwork. Their 2007 album, Messengers, features many cymbal-heavy breakdowns.
August Burns Red, despite coming out onto stage in cargo shorts and flip-flops, know how to put on a good show and deliver bonejarring breakdowns.
by Bo Chen March 11, 2008
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A band formed in Lancaster, PA with my favorite drummer in the world, Matt Greiner. They feature guitar riffs in insane time signatures, such as 13/4, 7/8, and 5/4, with insanely fast syncopated drumming. Jake Luhrs, the vocalist, has a voice that made my balls drop.

Not only are they an amazing band, but they also are great guys. I talked to them for 20 minutes before their concert, and they were funny, awesome guys. Not to mention, they're all devout Christians. :)
"Dude do you listen to August Burns Red?" - guy 1

"No dude" - guy 2

"Go to the final breakdown of Back Burner and listen." - guy 1

No response from guy 2 because he died from epicness of song.
by Drummer from Enter Shikari September 25, 2010
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August Burns Red is a metalcore band founded in Pennsylvania in 2003. they get their name from one of the band names' ex's, august, threatening to burn his dog, red.
currently have 2 full lengths out and one ep.
Looks Fragile After All- 2004
Thrill Seeker- 2005
Messengers- 2007

a lot of their lyrics are mainly christian, and their playing style is mainly technical, with a lot of breakdowns during songs.
vocals are mostly growls and screams, along with a few clean singing. sorta hard to understand really.
barbarian is my fave august burns red song :

by tom` October 19, 2007
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