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1) a slang term for a person who lives in a small apartment in an exclusive neighborhood

2) one who confounds others with his wardrobe

3) someone who enjoys the finer things in life like bad Chinese food and broken down Honda Civics

4) A lady's man
I think I'm going to pull a Mershman and buy that stripper a glass of wine
by Kevin Federline May 11, 2006
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The ability to excel in 4 jobs simultaneously while using a email address. A Mershman seldom votes "yes" for fat chicks and enjoys "open roads" as a favorite past time. Mershmen keep their fans updated regularly through postings on any one of their online businesses.
1. Hey, is that Mershman on the side of the road?
2. Why is Mershman not updating his site, son?
3. Dad, none of these hand-me-down shoes and clothes fit, I'm gunna look like a Mershman.
by Tim Gunn February 07, 2008
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