A shithole place. This place has a poverty, property crime rate, and crime rate overall, increasing each year. The schools are only good for academics but most of the classes are hardly taught, because of the kids behavior.
Man 1 “ Bro aren’t you from Lower Merion?”
Man 2 “ No Upper Merion.”
Man 1 “ Ew
by JVon543 September 24, 2019
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Also called UM, Upper Merion has gotten better over the years BUT. This year it is increasing by a lot. The schools arent too good either. There are 4 elementary schools, Caley, Candlebrook, Bridgeport, and Roberts. One middle school and one high school. Many adults want to move away from UM because of the bad influence of kids, the bad neighborhoods. Upper Merion lies about 20 mins away from Philly. It is in between philly and a small depressed community named Pottstown. There is a high drug trafficking, property crime rate, and the violent crime zoomed up this year. Prince Frederick St is in a neighborhood called Brandywine Village, not the best street and Brandywine isn’t the best neighborhood. You got Sweet Briar the area around Six Eleven and Angelos. Not the best place either. Mostly all the neighborhoods are crime ridden, drug ridden and MORE. Although on the bright side there downtown{ is becoming urban each year with a high development rate. Just know where to stay out of in Upper Merion. And be home before dark because...
Person 1:“ Don’t be fooled by the fast pace developing Upper Merion town center.”

Person 2: “ Yea it ain’t all good here.”
by JVon543 October 4, 2019
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Merion Mercy Academy is located in Merion Station, PA, and is by far the actual best all-girls school in Philly, yet is half the price of all the other snobby WASP Inter-Ac schools like EA, Agnes Irwin, Baldwin and is way more diverse than other Main Line girls schools the Academy of Notre Dame or Villa Maria. And, you actually have to be smart to get in. We're also just much better than the Mount. Period. Riley the dog is our one and only love, the messy bun is part of the uniform, and STP rules the school. We root for the Golden Bears, and Catherine McAuley's teachings play a central role in our educational philosophy. Our year is filled with fun stuff like Weenie Roast, Red Green Jingle day, Harvest Moon, etc... We have the best cafeteria (Dining Commons) in the Delaware Valley and the fries are divine. St. Joe's Prep guys are literally falling over themselves to date MMA girls. You'll meet girls from Delco, Montco, Philly and even South Jersey. Simply put Merion girls dominate in all they do!!! Three cheers for the blue and the gold!
Girls will be girls, but Merion girls will be ladies!

Merion Mercy!
Live Mercy Seek Justice!
by southphillyclout January 16, 2018
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Also known as Merion Publications or Merion DOESN'T Matter. A joke of an employer who offers benefits but lacks a solid pay scale. I wouldnt' recommend working here.
Mary works at Merion Matters or Merion Publications but only because she doesn't know any better.
by ohyeahhhhhhhhhhhhh0201 March 7, 2010
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An all-girls school in Merion, PA where you actually have to know stuff to get in. Was originally Mater Misricoriae. Sr. Reggie, Dano, and Shea rule the school. The sports teams dominate.. rival schools like villa maria, gwenedd and mt st joe's. NJ girls who go to merion take the PREP bus st joe's prep. OLMA is the New Jersey imitation of Merion. Mixers are awwessomee. It would help to have some $$$.
When you go to Merion, you live at Merion.
by R.o.g. May 6, 2005
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a suburban area west of philadelphia filled with mostly first class, conservative, snoby people. most girls are clones; white iPhones, dark brown hair, attention seekers, should i go on? druggies are accepted, consists of public school Harriton and Lower Merion (Kobe woop woop)
You're from lower merion, NOT Philadelphia
by staceyidfk October 29, 2013
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