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An aggressive asshole driver who decides that he is so much more important than everyone else in a traffic jam that he ducks out of traffic into the clear merging lane to overtake a few dozen cars, only to fuck up the traffic even more as he tries to get back in to the jammed traffic lane.
worst driver cunt asshole redneck punk shithead rice rocket street racer racer nitro
Jean is driving on a busy thoroughfare in LA when Click the aggressive driver jumps out of the curb lane - as a typical merge hopper does - onto the merge to pass 50 cars. Jean sees him coming in her rear view mirror, pulls out her 45 and blows the tires out of Click's car causing him to ditch. Click is okay, VERY LATE for work now, and no longer a threat to traffic for this particular day.
by psiscott April 08, 2006
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