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Where one man is jealous of a heterosexual friendship two other men have got.
I menvy that Scott and Nick are so tight. They're ying and yang dawg!
by The Stag February 01, 2008
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Menvy is great in bed and always gets the guy. She might be shy but once you get to meet her she is the best person and loudest person ever. She also is most likely to meet a boy in 5 or middle school and marry him. He won't be the most perfect boyfriend but he does protect you. But also gets jealous very fast but is very good at covering it. So if you have a boy best friend he probably won't get along with him. So if you marry a menvy your relation ship would never end and u would always love her.
Boy:Menvy is the most beautiful person in the world

Boyfriend:bitch try me! You can't have her she's mine BITCH!!!
by Evelyn chavez November 14, 2018
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