a nickname for the city of denver, because of the belief that men outnumber women drastically...
dude 1: you guys wanna hit up denver this summer?

dude 2: you mean menver? fuck no!
by obasnoj October 6, 2010
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Menver is the nickname given to Denver by its collection of dashingly handsome, hilarious and exciting population of Midwestern men who don't dig the extremes of Denver ladies.

This is the name primarily used when referring to the city's well defined choice of four distinct types of women which include the:

1. Tattooed from head to toe only dates rockabilly tattooed slicked back hair type.

2. The prissy shoe betch with a set of calipers; armed at measuring the thickness of your wallet in the first minute of saying hello.

3. The classic Cap Hill dance pants and Chuck Taylor's but couldn't make eye contact if she had to type.

4. The kind that wouldn't notice you walking down the street with a pink suit, green plume in the hat on your head and no pants on.
We've been hanging out in this town for months and it appears these bitches are from Menver.
by Crim-Ster February 9, 2009
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