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Menn-you-nare: Menunaires are those who insist on ordering only from value menus, dollar menus, 2 for 1 specials, using coupons for meals, etc. They are extremely cheap and annoying and their behavior can become embarrasing. True Menunaires only order tap waters/ice waters(often demanding large size as well) at restaurants as real sodas are far too overpriced. Usually menunaires pride themselves on the skill they possess to have the cheapest food orders in said group of freinds/co-workers. Menunaires also may be known to ask for extra condiments with everything they order so they can bring them home for later.

Oh man watch jesse order from the dollar menu. I think he's going to grab two McChickens with extra lettuce, mayo and a small tapwater. It only cost him $2.10 for a whole meal. What a menunaire thats straight up embarassing dude. Ronald Mcdonald would be choked.
by lars43 March 20, 2009
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