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When 3-5 mentos mints are dropped into a two liter bottle of diet coke causing a geyser of foam to shoot anywhere from a couple of feet to a few yards into the air. A real mentos bomb is when you build pressure up inside the diet coke bottle by dropping the same amount of mentos into the diet coke and quickly putting the cap back on. Then you throw the bottle as hard as you can on the ground. Depending on how hard you throw it and how it lands, the cap will shoot off propelling the bottle like a missle at your preferred target such as an ex-girlfriend or your mom.
example 1
If my girlfriend does not shut the fuck up, i'm gonna have to give her a mentos bomb to her face.

example 2
guy #1 "My ex does not leave me the fuck alone"
guy #2 "Well.. we're gonna pass a gas station on the way to her house.. do you want to pick up some mentos and diet coke and bomb her ass before we tie her up and kill her?
guy #1 "Sounds like a plan bro.
by Swishahouse June 18, 2006
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