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A movement created by Attorneys in the US Family Court system to perpetuate the belief that men are being abused.

It's not based on reality.

The Movement is closely aligned with the appalling Parental Alienation defense - whereby an Abusive Spouse argues that the ONLY reason his children are refusing to be with him is that his wife convinced them to be afraid of their father.

Any reference to this Movement being credible should be immediately invalidated.
The Mens RIghts Movement does not exist except in the minds of lawyers who convince their abusive Male clients that they are the ones actually being abused.
by Mother's Helper September 25, 2017
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An alternative name for MRA (men's rights activists), people who are threatened by the thought that all people, regardless of gender, race, or sexual orientation deserve equal rights.
Someone decided to create a men's rights movement so that they could say the term MRA was incorrect.
by Islandbabs August 26, 2017
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A bunch of whinging bitches who go seriously out of their way to let everyone know they haven't gotten laid in years.
Jim: Do you think me not getting any action has something to do with me being an ugly, talentless sack of shit?

Jack: No brother, it's because women are empowered by the same rights we've had for years. Join the men's rights movement.
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by BeatrixShotta September 06, 2017
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The Men's Rights Movement is simply a movement that advocates for the rights of men who have been wronged in life mostly due to the Justice System. They are not sexist. They are not racist. They simply fight for the rights that men do not have. Such as custody over their children. And they fight to gain awareness for things such as the amount of Male Suicides.
Person 1: Anna went to the seminar last week to talk about how to raise awareness of the amount of Male Suicides.

Person 2: Yea, she is an advocated or the Men's Rights Movement why wouldn't she go?
by infiniteinfowaffle April 24, 2017
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Organized group and independent individual beliefs and activities overtly or covertly challenging the favored status of women and some, many or all of the roles, economic and non-economic burdens, obligations and expectations imposed upon males by society at large, legal institutions, religious organizations, females and other males who can't or don't follow a philosophy embracing equal rights, duties, responsibilities, obligations and expectations for both genders.
The Mens Rights Movement (MRM) challenges the favored status of women which has resulted in the hiring and promotion of female employees over more highly qualified male employees based on their gender.
by Attorney Police Officer December 21, 2016
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Something that James S. Fell is clueless about.
Oh look, James has called the Men's rights movement "the MRA" again, he can't even get the name right, yet thinks he's an expert on it. LOLZ
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