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A ridiculous accusation made by women whenever they encounter a male thought or behavior they don't understand or agree with. Especially ironic when used (as it most commonly is) by women who are more than a little overweight.
"Last night, Gary came home with some fancy lingere. Can you believe he actually thought I would be glad he bought me clothes?"
"Ugh. Men are such pigs."

"Sam keeps on telling me how beautiful I am, and how much he'd love to spend more time with me. I think he really likes me."
"Oh please. All men are pigs. He just wants to get in your pants."
by zilog May 23, 2006
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Men who use their strength to belittle and denounce others as part of their mating rituals. They want nothing long term but they will lie and manipulate to get the notch to show to their friends and then in turn belittle them if they don't have the same number.

They plan out their marks meticulously and the end result is only to get bro fives from their mates. So the whole experience with a man pig isn't that he had sex, it's that he can brag about it.
"baby I care about you so much, when are you going to let me do anal?"

The Men are pigs crowd will say and do anything for higher status with their male pack.
by Lilla July 06, 2012
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Men are mostly called pigs because of the way they treat women. So, the word of the day is, "consideration" guys. Have a little...
"God, not again, could you please pee in the bowl next time?!!"
by Kristen DontAsk November 29, 2003
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Manpig-They rarely exhibit sensitivity unless they are a mama's boy they always say mindless things like that chick just needs a good bang .Their self aborbed sexual
kung foo jesus is a perfect example of why men are pigs
by Cloie May 03, 2004
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