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1. An internet meme and name for the sounds that a girl gamer (usually with big boobs) makes when she is really excited.

2. The act of splooging one's self when getting all hot and bothered by a girl gamer.
She's making memegasms because she just scored a pentakill!

Dude! You just memegasm'ed all over my keyboard! Get a hold of yourself man! She's not even that cute!
by ♥AjAy♥ December 11, 2010
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When an overload of memes causes you to orgasm. Multiple memegasms in a row may lead to; spontaneous laughing, shortness of breath, and addiction
Billy had too many memegasms and now he can only speak in memes, it's almost sad.
by Piersontheraven September 28, 2017
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