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1. Katy Perry's euphemism for causing an erection (as seen in her music video for "California Girls"). 2. an ice cold sweet treat (a.k.a. a popsicle) liquefying due to some source of intense heat (such as the sun or Californian sun-kissed skin). 3. possessing skin so perfectly tanned and unblemished that it is equivalent to flirting shamelessly without even speaking a word.
1. "Damn. She just melted my popsicle."

2. "I'm in the mood for a popsicle but it's so hot out I don't want to deal with the mess if it melts..."

3. "You're skin's great! Just go to the beach for a few days, and you'll be melting popsicles in no time."

4. "Watch out! California girls have sun-kissed skin so hot they'll melt your popsicle!!!"
by Kate from California ;) August 02, 2010
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