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MG'd or melguida is a term for a heartbreaker
MG'd is a abreiviation
to preplan a breakup or to be a cheater
to date someone and never commit while dating

to have someone love you n than make distance
to flirt for fun no matter who ur with
to seduce for fun or lead on and go nowhere with it
to be carefree romantic and completely unavailable
to avoid serious relationship talks or serious talks
to be skilled in seduction n in stealing <3z
1-i care so much about my serious relationship!!! like butterflies!!!
umm about that u been MG'd, i saw the cheater

2-i had an amazing time!!!! great convo culture n cute we chilled all nite!!!!

n i felt like we connected!! But i didnt get a # or a tweet?
it was a melguida, u got played chica!!
2 drunk 2 hear the rail n bail shit talking?
-wtf is rail bail?
by whiskey and milk March 20, 2013
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