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Melbourne Central is a place located in the heart of Melbourne located in Australia,Victoria,Melbourne.

Filled with exquisite dining places and vibrant fancy restaurants, skyscrapers, the Yarra River, and office work buildings it is a lively and enjoy able city area.

Melbourne Central, place like the underground, or Federation Square (dubbed feds square) or MC station is the gathering place famous for most of the state's most attractive teenage males and females.

Occasionally, there maybe something known as a 'Shuffle Off' amongst the younger and sometimes TB teenagers to show off their skill or represent thier 'crew'.

Nonetheless, if in search for attractive asians in Melbourne, you know now where to go.

Note; It is also home to many delicious food/drink, products and clothing/accessories asians love.

Examples of this are, Ramenade, Krispy Kremes, Jelly Joys, BreadTop, G-STAR RAW, Prada, Adidas etc.
"Hey, you wanna kick back at Melbourne Central after tutor?"

"Sure. Get some Krispy Kremes?"

"Alright, but you better not be a shifty asian and have no cash and make me pay for it all."

*Damn. Busteddd.*
by rawrr; May 01, 2010
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