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Medmall is short for ''medical mall"' and it describes a mall that has been converted from a commercial mall with retail and Department Stores into a mall with different large and small medical providers and medical services providers, including goods and survices provided by drug and insurance companies. The mall will also have a physicians offices complex attached and hotels for relatives who need a place to stay when their friends and loved ones have to stay in an attached Hospital with a Trauma center. The mall has a food court and restaurants of different kinds to cater to different price levels. And it would have several credit and lending providers including banks.
Tom took Mary,his wife to see her obstetrician at the medmall. Whe she suddenly unexpectedly began to labor, she went straight to the attached 4-star hospital and I to the 2-star hotel to book a room.
by weedpuller September 30, 2009
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