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Used as an honorable compliment toward MMA fighters or practitioners in the 205lb weight classes and up who are ripped and muscular with very little body fat. Some examples of "Meatstacks" are Wanderlei Silva and of course Jeff Monson. Some exceptions can be made for those who are of behemoth proportions with a little more body fat than others such as Brock Lesnar and Shane Carwin.
Meatstack has been used incorrectly and by the wrong people and as an insult in some incidents but was not intended to be used in this manner. Due to a "meathead" getting access to the word and it being very easily pronounced for meatheads, they added it to their vocabulary. It seems to be spreading like wild fire in gyms, the grocery store, Mexican Pharmacies and GNC's nationwide and soon worldwide if the confusion does not stop now.

A meatstack is not to be confused with a "meathead" for the mere fact that a meatstack spends more time evolving by training for a highly skilled contact sport than spending a majority of their time pumping weights, high fiving their spotting partner, talking too much and checking out chicks in the gym.
Used properly amongst the MMA community:
"Time to hit the mat meatstack."
"You choked me out meatstack."
"That dude is a serious meatstack!"
"That guy is a meatstack"
"Listen meatstack, you and I will throwdown!"
"Nice to meet you, your a meatstack my friend."
"Hey meatstack!"

Not used properly by meatheads and unworthy individuals:
"Let's meet up meatstack, I'll be wearing the 265lbs!"
"Shut up meatstack"
"Your buff bro, your a meatstack"
"Lift heavier bitch! You want to be a meatstack right?!"
"We need more juice bro, I'm losing meatstack status."
"Drink all these bro and it's meatstack time!"
"Who's the meatstack? Who's the meatstack?!"
"I need to buy Meatstack juice, comprender?
"What? A kegger? Oh Bitch, you better believe I'll there meatstack, should I bring beer?"

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by Vigilanty June 17, 2009
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