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A NYC butcher. A bartender of meat, not booze. A large, muscled, long haired, tattooed, biker type. Conversations with meatjockey are filled with double entendre and innuendo. Like a bartender, he makes you feel good about yourself.
Girlfriend 1: I think I'm going to go to meatjockey and get some steaks for tonight.
Girlfriend 2: Just go to the supermarket, no?
Girlfriend 1: No way! I go to meatjockey. The steaks are amazing and he makes me feel all hot and bothered and good about myself. It's worth the money!
by Meatjockey June 27, 2011
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a woman who prefers it on top during sex, where as she can resemble the up and down motions of a jockey in a horse race.
I bet that girl at the bar is a real meat jockey!
by ChaanaS May 19, 2011
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