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The robust and sulfurous stench coupled with a sophomoric, hideous but natural sound which causes the manifestation of the meat casserole fart smell. Also, a fart which smells similar to meat or barbequed meat.
Husband to wife: "I can't imagine why you ordered that pizza with extra meat last night considering the fact that I might go MC on you again..."

Wife to husband: "Oh don't tell me you're going to do THIS again. Last time it was the CHEESE BLASTER. The time before it was the "berry/nut FIASCO," because of that cereal we had from Central Market. Now you're going MEAT CASSEROLE on me? AGAIN?

"Yeah, after the slice of pie I had today, it's gonna smell like your Italian mother's house does during half time watching the Giants game. Listen here, that stromboli does some damage." "Too much friggin' sausage."
by zackjmack March 30, 2012
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