one who slams ham, a turd burglar, one who enjoys the pastime "hide the sausage"- derivative of outted NJ Govornor James McGreevy.
Yo forget about it, son, so what if you didn't make the squad. Ballet is for McGreevys anyway.
by masterspeedy September 14, 2005
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Jim McGreevy is a ripped 6’2 54 year old who strikes love into the hearts of gay men and lesbian women. He is very good at ping pong and speaks Spanish very sexily. He loves thrusting(excercising). He is a very hot dilf.
God took his time on Jim McGreevys abs
by Dilflover100 October 28, 2021
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A fat pile of trash with red hair and a tinny micro penis who likes men.
by 12343215678765 February 9, 2018
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