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mburg is a shortened name for miamisburg, a small town in southern ohio. everyone knows everyone in miamisburg whether you live in pipe stone, back in the ghetto part, or across the river. Pot heads, druggies, partiers, goodie goods, and loners are what you'll find here, big on the partiers ;) everyweekend, turn the corner & there one is. our neighboring city, west carrollton, is what we call our rivals. beatin us once in eleven years in football, that shows something kiddos. our school sytems are amazing, while theirs suck. we say they're trashy, & for the most part they are. stuck up, rude, bitches w/ their "boyfriends" prance around like they know something. miamisburg girls are proud to stay mainly single or with one guy their whole high school career. you wont find any hoes here, sorrrrry fellas. miamisburg is a proud city with all we have- money, parties, schools, & what have you.
"damn you up for a party tonight?"

"hell yeah, we're headin to mburg right?(:"
by ya giirl September 14, 2009
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