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A beautiful young vibrant girl , who enjoys being around friends and being outdoors. Doesn't drink often, but makes sure to embrace the moment whenever she does. She is as pretty as her name. Pronounced Mbar-Leh-Ntle meaning beautiful flower. They usually enjoy Hip-hop and soul. she is a flower child and enjoys being weird.
Total misfit and says some of craziest stuff you may ever hear. Brainiac who doesn't enjoy reading.
Drama Queen. TomBoy growing up but will transition into one of the girliest girls ever.....
Usually Zulu, Short, May have short or long hair, almond shaped eyes.

Is friend with almost anyone, but has a main circle of friends she'd die for.
Alleged Savage , who won't show her emotions due to previous experiences.
Enjoys making jokes and seeing people smile...

Prefers being called Mbali or Enhle
hey is that mbalenhle?
she looks beautiful...
by zimbali November 23, 2016
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