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What a 1 of milion names, very kind eventhough everyone that she love the most put her aside, easy to fall in love but hard to forget. Also easy to forgive even everybody knows that its not her fault. May looks annoying but if you know her so well you'll found her uniqueness and you'll regret if one day you neglected her. She's really good in acting as she looks so nonproblematic person whole a lots of depression inside. She kept being nice even you treated her like shit. Sometimes she say that she don't care when she's really are. She gets upset easily and being depress when her beloved person abandon her and go. Better don't let her alone because she does somethings scary when she's down
That's Mazhami, she such a cheerful one but I know there's a lot of sadness inside her head
by Knowmewell December 28, 2017
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