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When some one asks you a question and you skirt around answering it until you confuse the person that asked you the question.
Theresa May in question time is asked a question by the audience and she ends up not answering the question by maysplaining about something completely different.
by Dirlos June 02, 2017
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Answering a question without saying anything meaningful or informative in your response. Usually includes an ad hominem attack directed towards a political opponent or the questioner rather than a direct answer.

Named after British prime minster Theresa May's inability to respond to questions and criticisms.

A play-on-words of the term "mansplaining".
"Did you watch prime minister's questions yesterday? Theresa May was maysplaining every question the opposition directed at her."

Interviewer: "How do you respond to the criticism that you inviting Saudi Arabian royalty to visit is endorsing state-sponsored terrorism and human rights abuses, including women's rights?"

Politician (maysplaining): "I think the opposition have bigger things to worry about, considering their leader sold secrets to a Russian spy during the Cold War! Saudi Arabia are our friends, and we are happy to invite them to our country."

Interviewer: "You didn't answer my question..."

Politician: "We have a very special relationship with the Saudis, but I think their human rights abuses are a very mean thing for them to do..."
by NicCoppolaCage March 07, 2018
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