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Let's face it, parents don't play favouratism with their children, but when it comes to your partner they do. You want your partner to be the number one, the go to guy, the point man, the maverick. It becomes more obvious in a situation where ur siblings are of the same sex. There will always be a favourite. As the go to guy, you will be asked for input to the important family decisions and be part of the inner circle such as what investments to make, how to look after your parents, and most importantly, you will most likely oversee the family's wealth and fortune and be part of the wealth distribution process. On the other hand, if you are the dunce, you have no input because you are not credible and your extended family does not value your opinion. Partners in this situation will be asked to do tasks such as taking out the bin, washing the family car, and other shitty chores.
Damn i envy that dude with maxstatus. No one respects me as the dunce and i will never play an important role. I wish he would die sl that i may one day havr a chance at maxstatus
by Fredo Frog August 11, 2014
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