Mavid is the pairing of the American Idols Season 7 contestants David Cook and Michael Johns. The 'M' in 'Mavid' taken by Michael Johns' name and 'avid' by David Cook's name, hence 'Mavid'.
Mavid fan #1: Have you seen that chest bump Michael Johns and David Cook did?
Mavid fan #2: Really? I noticed how Michael Johns' crotch area was all up on David's stomach.
by ohhai July 4, 2008
Literally the best couple on the planet. Whenever there is an amazing couple that is pretty much married, they can be defined as mavid.

Guy- Did you hear about that amazing couple?
Girl- Yes! They’re such a mavid.
by Stx Shield 300 October 26, 2018
The street name for the Bromance between American Idol contestants Michael Johns and David Cook.
"Did you see the new Mavid dance tonight during PDSTM?"
by krunkjess August 27, 2008