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Maurene is a very loving person. She will do everything for her love ones especially for her partner. Maurene's name is as unique as her. She the living idiom of a girl happened to be born on the right place and on the right time. She sometimes do some things that will do some troubles with his partner but she can easily find way to solve it back. If you are lonely, just look to her smile and you will attract to her positivity, on the other side, she is a short-tempered person. She will be easily annoyed on small things but food will always solve the girls problem. This girl was hurt once and she will do everything so that it will never happened again on her life. She is so generous, kind, loving, and a jolly person. She also have a good taste in fashion, she is very creative, good at dancing and singing. The way she smiles makes her partner fall again everytime.
by Nebuchadnezzar_ January 30, 2020
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