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Once founder of an online gaming clan, he quit after his cousin was banned for using racial insults on another founder. After serious debate, it was decided to name this prick on the Wall of Shame, though this was well deserved, he had the nerve to get angry.

Working behind the backs of the Founders, he set a nice trap on the clan that was about 5 years old, meaning to destroy it. Of course, he succeeded.

Almost a year later, and still he decides to mess with others from the clan that he destroyed. The word Maulth will go down in the internet dictionary with these words:

A flaming homosexual hiding in the deepest closet of his mind. He seeks revenge on the righteous acts of others, and demands attention and love from those that would listen. Smart, yet utterly stupid in the ways of the world. His actions of both the past, and the present will be the end of this twisted menace. This slack-wristed, fat sack of shit is the worst of villains.
Maulth: A troubled child hiding in his closet because, once outside of the closet, he is surrounded by that which he fears - reality.

shit+stain faggot dildo
by Monadoxin August 12, 2009
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